Family scared to live in west Harris County house due to recent shootings

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A family is feeling so terrorized they no longer are staying in their own home.

What happened

They said they left their house after the latest round of shots were fired in the Westfield neighborhood, near Katy, in west Harris County.

In the most recent shooting, a bullet went through their teenage daughter's window. It hit a wall just feet away from where she was lying in bed.

"Had she been sitting on the bed, it may have not missed her," the teen's mother said.

Fear of retaliation

Out of fear of retaliation, the family does not want to be identified.

They said Monday morning was just one of four days in the last week where shots were fired near their home.

In April, a teenager was shot just blocks away from their home after a fight erupted between two groups of high school students.

Neighbors worried

The recent gunfire has the entire neighborhood feeling like prisoners in their own homes.

"I know that some of our neighbors are sleeping on the floor, they're sleeping away from the windows," the woman said. "We're constantly contacting each other, asking each other how we are."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating the shooting, and plans to increase patrols in the area.

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