Q&A: What we know about Maria Jiminez-Rodriguez's disappearance nearly 1 year later

HOUSTON – It’s been nearly a  year since 29-year-old Maria Jiminez-Rodriguez disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Gloria Jimenez, Maria’s sister, said she vanished without a trace and has made finding her sister a full-time job. 

Jimenez is now the primary caregiver for Maria’s 4-year-old daughter, Destiny.

Here’s what we know about Jiminez-Rodriguez’s disappearance:

Q: When was Jiminez-Rodriguez first reported missing? 
A: June 21, 2018

Q: Where was she last seen? 
A; The 6900 block of Texarkana Street in East Houston. She vanished after dropping her young daughter off at the babysitter’s house. 

Q: Did she contact anyone before she disappeared? 
A: Yes. Jiminez-Rodriguez, a paralegal, never showed up for work but texted a co-worker. 

Q: What do we know about the text messages?  
A: She sent one text stating she would be late to work and sent another text about an hour later that she was turning back to get her daughter from the babysitter’s house. Gloria Jiminez said Jiminez-Rodriguez sent another text later that same day, stating someone was following her. Jimenez believes someone other than Jiminez-Rodriguez might have sent those text messages. 

Q: Has Jiminez-Rodriguez's vehicle been found? 
A: Yes. It was found the day after she disappeared, about three miles from where she was last seen. Her purse and cellphone were missing.

Q: Where does the investigation into Jiminez-Rodriguez disappearance stand right now? 
A: Last year in July, HPD’s Homicide Division took over the investigation. 

Q: Who can the public contact if they have information on Jiminez-Rodriguez's whereabouts? 
A: HPD’s Missing Person’s Unit at 832-394-1840.

Jiminez-Rodriguez's family is holding a prayer vigil in her honor at 7 p.m. Saturday at her home in East Houston.

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