What is bank jugging? A look at the most recent crime wave in Houston

What is jugging?

HOUSTON – Jugging is a term used to describe a crime in which someone carrying money is followed from one location to another. Typically, victims are followed from banks to another location.

Jugging can refer to burglaries of motor vehicles and aggravated robberies. The key common factor is how the crime developed.

How often does this happen?

It is hard to track juggings as they are usually classified as other crimes, most commonly burglaries, robberies and aggravated robberies.

The crimes have been tracked to every quadrant of Houston but seem to be particularly prevalent on Houston's west side, where merchants are perceived to deal more in cash.

What happened in this most recent jugging?

A west-side grocer, 30, was observed at a bank and then followed back to his business.

The unidentified robbers (two assailants and one driver) followed the victim, and then got out of a Dodge Charger with paper tags, assaulted the victim and stole his money bag.

Police have no viable leads in the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

Watch the surveillance video below, or by clicking here.

Was the victim hurt?

The victim suffered minor injuries from the fight with the juggers, and then injured his hand when he tried to punch out the rear window of the getaway vehicle.

What can I do to protect myself?

Police say situational awareness is the key to avoid becoming a victim. Also, try not to fall into routines like going to bank the same time every day.

The victim, in this case, said he was preoccupied with his cellphone when he got out of his own car.