What to know about Galveston's historic Hotel Galvez

GALVESTON, Texas – Galveston's historic Hotel Galvez officially opened its doors on June 10, 1911. 

Hotel Galvez boasts a beachfront location, an outdoor pool with swim-up bar and the Galvez Bar & Grill restaurant. The hotel has served as both a quick weekend getaway for Texas residents and a landmark on the island. 

Hotel Galvez circa 1911 (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Galvez & Spa)

Named after Bernando de Gálvez, who discovered the Galveston area in 1786, Hotel Galvez opened its doors with $1 million about 11 years after one of the deadlist U.S. natural disasters, the Galveston Hurricane of 1900.

Hotel Galvez and the Seawall circa 1911 (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Galvez & Spa)

It underwent an $11 million renovation in 2011.

With over 224 guest rooms and six luxurious suites along with the renowned Hotel Galvez Spa that provides treatments from signature massages to customized facials, the hotel is not only famous for its luxury amenities and history on the island, it also is an attraction for ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike as Room 501 is claimed to be haunted. 

The loggia of Hotel Galvez offered tables for two for guests to write letters or play games. (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Galvez & Spa)

The heartbroken fiancee of a seaman was in the room when she took her own life after receiving the news that her lovers' ship had sunk. The ghost's energy and spirits are said to still spookily surround Room 501 and the halls of the fifth floor.

The Hotel Galvez Music Hall offers Gulf views and archways in 1911 and still has the same look. (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Galvez & Spa)

With rooms starting at $2 a night on its opening night in 1911, the hotel has exponentially thrived since its opening transforming into a temporary White House for President Roosevelt, a U.S. Coast Guard facility in World War II and a celebrity favorite for guests such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. 

In 1911, the Hotel Galvez restaurant was known as the Marine Restaurant. (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Galvez & Spa)

For more information about the hotel, visit www.hotelgalvez.com/