Houston woman says she was served glass in her ice water at Atlanta airport

HOUSTON – A Houston woman is recovering after she said she unknowingly swallowed shards of glass served to her in a cup of ice water in an airport restaurant in Atlanta.

According to Jasmine Brown, she was grabbing breakfast at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint during a connection at the Atlanta-Hartsfield airport Sunday morning when she felt something sharp inside her mouth after taking a drink of her ice water.

“I hadn’t taken a sip of my water the entire meal until the very end. I was just sitting there chilling when I sipped the water, I felt the ice ‘chips’ and just continued. Then I took another sip at some point and I knew something hard was in my mouth, I knew it wasn’t ice, I almost swallowed it but I stopped. I bit on it and realized ‘this isn’t ice.’ I pulled it out of my mouth and it was a glass shard.”

Brown said she was in disbelief that she had just pulled the glass out of her mouth.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I was like, 'This is unreal.' My second thought was ‘I’m pretty sure I drank other ones prior to the glass I pulled out of my mouth because the texture was similar,” Brown said.

From there, Brown said she notified an employee who then notified the manager and general manager of the situation. The GM had her fill out an incident report and offered medical assistance, which at that moment, with a plane to catch, Brown declined. Shortly after her flight from Atlanta to Houston took off, Brown said her stomach started hurting.

Upon arrival in Houston, Brown drove to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital where she received a CT-Scan. Doctors informed her she had a shard of glass .4 centimeters long inside of her stomach and prepped her for surgery.

“They couldn’t get it out though,” Brown said. “The doctor said the piece of glass, which was surrounded by food in the scan, had already moved and what should happen is, it should move through the digestive tract without getting stuck and without cutting me.”

Brown said she is nervous the piece of glass could still cause damage as it works its way through her body. She has a follow-up appointment next week.

The parent company of Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint issued this statement:

"Global Concessions Incorporated is aware of the allegation of a foreign object in one of our beverages. We take these situations extremely serious as the health and safety of our patrons is paramount and our primary concern. This incident has been reported to our insurance company and will be investigated.

"We look forward to providing additional comments on Friday."

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