Story changes after homeowner shoots person outside his home, police say

HOUSTON – One person is dead after police say a homeowner in east Houston opened fire on someone he believed was a threat.

Initially, police had reported that four people had been trying to break into a homeowner’s vehicle in the 13300 block of Force Street, so the homeowner opened fire, killing one of them. 

After further investigation, police said the group of teens did not appear to be trying to break into the vehicle. 

Police said the residents of the home heard shots outside and thought their home was being shot at, so the father came outside to investigate. 

He saw one of the teens in front of his home and felt threatened, so the father opened fire on him, police said. The father also fired at an SUV the teens used as transportation, police said.

Shortly after the shooting, police said that same SUV showed up at a nearby hospital and a 19-year-old inside was pronounced dead.

“It’s scary. It’s horrible. We have never had anything like this happen before on our block,” said mother, Mayra Jaquez who lives three doors down from where the gunfire erupted.

One neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood for over 60 years said he is stunned by the incident.

“I heard five pops,” said Jim Corbett, 82. "(It's never been) right in front of my house like this before."

One of the bullets struck the front of his home. Corbett says he may buy a pistol to protect himself in the future. 

Officers said they found paintball shells and paintball splatter on the house. Police said they also found shell casings but do not know if they came from the homeowner or someone else.

Police said they are trying to determine if the teens were firing a paintball gun, a normal gun or both.

Authorities said at least one of the teens in the group went to the house to fight a 17-year-old who lives inside the home.

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified said the homeowner was within his rights.

“He was defending his property, you know don’t bring a paintball gun not knowing what the homeowner has there at their home,” the neighbor said.

Police have detained the father and son, along with three others believed to be about 17 years old.

The victim's identity has not yet been released.

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