Outrage continues as search for Maleah Davis enters 3rd week

HOUSTON – A small group of protesters gathered in front of the Child Protective Services offices in Southwest Houston Monday to continue demanding answers as to why a missing 4-year-old girl was placed back with her mother.

The protesters are from a grassroots advocacy group called Parents Against Predators.

“We won't stop until justice is served,” said Rickie Bradford.

Protesters carried signs reading “Who can we trust to watch our children,” and “Justice For Maleah.”

All said justice doesn't extend solely to the person responsible for the girl’s disappearance.

“We want everybody that's responsible held accountable, everybody. CPS, the judge, the mom, step-dad, everybody,” said founder Sonia Parker.

The small group of protesters stood in front of CPS' offices as a visual reminder of a desire expressed worldwide to hear why the agency and the judge presiding over the case decided to place Maleah back with her mother, after allegations of child abused were raised.

“CPS made the wrong decision. Her mom made the wrong decision. The idiot made the wrong decision of watching her. Nobody cares why.” Linda Sanchez said.

Maleah Davis was reported missing on May 5 by a man police describe as her step-father. Police said Derion Vence initially told officers the little girl was kidnapped.

Vence was later arrested and charged with tampering with evidence after blood evidence linked the little girl to his apartment. Maleah's mother said she ended her relationship with Vence, but still left her child in his care when she took an out-of-town trip.

Despite multiple searches, Maleah remains missing.

“This little girl had a life, she had a heart beating. Where is she?” Sanchez said.

CPS officials told KPRC they can't go into more detail about the case because a gag order was issued.

A timeline of Maleah's disappearance is below: