'I just want them to find her': Maleah Davis' teacher speaks out

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HOUSTON – For two weeks Carolyn Emerson has been teaching with a heavy heart.

Lately, her worry has turned into tears, and the empty cubby in her classroom is a glaring reminder that one of her students, Maleah Davis, is missing. 

“It hurt me so hard, so bad. At home, I couldn’t sleep, and it’s still like that,” Emerson said. She said the last time she saw the preschooler was about a week before the Amber Alert was issued. Since then, search crews and police continue to look for leads all across the Houston area. 

“I just want them to find her,” Emerson said.

The teacher said that she is clinging to hope and trying to remember the shy but smart little girl who loved to color. 

Emerson said that other teachers at Attitude Respect N’ Manners school have put on brave faces but her 3 and 4-year-old students still have questions. 

“They ask me, 'Do you think Maleah is going to come back?' And I don’t know how to answer that,” she said.


‘They keep asking me, ‘Do you think Maleah is going to come back? I just don’t know how to answer that.’ — Maleah’s...

Posted by KPRC2 Brittany Jeffers on Thursday, May 16, 2019


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