Freeway debris leads to close call for Houston driver

HOUSTON – Donna Price is in a rental car these days after her SUV was damaged in an accident that could've been deadly.

Pictures show the results of a piece of scrap metal that she said flew from aa semitrailer and hit her vehicle in three places -- even piercing the windshield.

"It just rotated and rotated and it headed straight toward my vehicle and I screamed," Price said.

The incident happened just over a week ago as Price was driving north on Highway 288 near Highway 6 near Manvel.

After taking photos of the truck and failing to get the driver to stop, she called 911, and contacted the trucking company.

Price said the operator was dismissive of the incident, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Got on to the Texas Department of Transportation's website, found out who their insurance carrier was, found their policy number, and picked up the phone and called their insurance carrier, and opened the claim against the company," she said.

Price's damaged SUV is being repaired and will be paid for by the trucking company's insurance carrier.

She said she would've had to pay for the damages herself if she hadn't been persistent.

She now offers this advice: "Do your research, see what recourse you can take on your own. It may take a few hours of phone calls, some negotiation back and forth, but do your research."

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