Brothers arrested in carjacking that left woman badly injured, police say

PASADENA, Texas – Two brothers were arrested after they hit a 29-year-old woman with an assault rifle and stole her vehicle, according to Houston police.

Police said one of the brothers, who is friends with the woman, was at her home and asked to borrow her truck.

The man drove the truck, while the woman sat in the passenger's seat, to his home on Axilda Street at about 1 a.m. Tuesday. When they got to the man's home, the man’s brother came out of the home with an assault rifle and attempted to steal the woman’s purse, police said. When the woman refused for him to take her purse, the armed brother hit her in the face with the gun, knocking her teeth out and possibly breaking her jaw, according to police.

Police said the brothers then left the home in her vehicle. The woman was taken to a hospital and expected to be OK. 

Police said the woman’s purse and vehicle were recovered a short time later.

Some neighbors said they heard the commotion.

“I saw one lady on the floor right there and then another three or four girls that tried to help her, you know, but everyone was screaming, making a lot of noise, you know, but I was thinking maybe she was drunk or something,” one neighbor said.

During the investigation, detectives found several females, including minors, staying at the man's home. Police said all of them knew each other.

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