New marriage license removes image of man and woman, changes titles for applicants

The Harris County Clerk unveiled its new marriage license design Thursday. The new layout scraps the traditional, 1800s-era image of a man and woman. It also no longer refers to the couple as a "Proud Lucky Groom" and "Blushing Happy Bride", but rather "Applicant One" and "Applicant Two". (Harris County Clerk)

HOUSTON – Are you getting married in Harris County? There's a new marriage license for you, officials revealed Thursday. 

The new designs were created by data sales supervisor Charles Clark.

Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman said “it is important that marriage licenses are reflective of the diverse nature of Harris County and is inclusive of all relationships."

The previous design depicted an antique-looking image of a man and a woman signing a document, presumed to be a marriage license, with the words "Proud Lucky Groom and Blushing Happy Bride" underneath.

The new design features the image of two wedding bands intertwined and referrs to the applicants as "Applicant One and Applicant Two."

To obtain a marriage license, both parties will need to appear in person and provide identification (state-issued I.D., driver’s license, passport, etc.)  No appointment is necessary, the state-mandated processing fee is $72 and the new keepsake marriage certificate is available for $25.