Memorial Villages PD utilizing drone technology to fight crime

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HOUSTON – The Memorial Villages Police Department is utilizing a new tool these days.

The department is turning to technology to help keep the community and first responders safe.

"It’s a program in which a drone is deployed to certain events after we receive a 911 call," Chief Ray Schultz said.

Thanks to a private-public partnership with new startup Paladin Drones, the latest way of responding to certain calls -- including home alarms being set off and accidents — is by air and within a matter of seconds.

"Now, we can have part of our first responding, in this case a drone, on scene overhead in 15 to 20 seconds," Schultz said.

In addition to the faster response time, the drone is also well-equipped and can stream back video in real time.

"The software that we built allows any first responders to get a live overhead view of an emergency before they actually arrive," CEO of Paladin Drones Divyaditya Shrivastava said.

The onboard camera is also able to provide help in the dark.

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