AJ Armstrong trial day 4: Police sergeant to be cross-examined by defense team

HOUSTON – One of the two sergeants who interrogated AJ Armstrong on the morning of the shooting that took his parents’ lives is back on stand this morning.

The prosecution wrapped up its examination Thursday, and now, Sgt. Kenneth Daignault is being crossed-examined by the defense.

It’s the defense's job to poke holes in the state's argument that Antonio Armstrong Jr. killed his parents - Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong - back in July 2016.

So far, the defense’s strategy has centered on the question: Did investigators hastily decide Armstrong Jr. was the trigger man - implicating the then 16-year-old -without properly vetting the crime scene?

The defense has argued the Houston Police Department did not thoroughly examine the alarm system at the Armstrong family home, including points of entry into the house.

Defense attorney Rick DeToto questioned Daignault om Friday morning about another concern of his: Could there have been another suspect right under investigators' noses?

The defense is arguing that it wasn't Armstrong Jr., who committed the killings, but rather, it could have been his older brother, Joshua Armstrong, who lived near his parents and had access to the home.

Jurors weren't seated until around 10 a.m. Friday because of a medical issue regarding juror 12.

She had an MS flareup and needed to see a doctor Friday.

An alternate juror is in her place.