'I didn't think it was real:' Son reacts after woman stabbed by neighbor, police say

HOUSTON – An argument between neighbors turned violent, leaving one person dead, police said. 

The incident happened around midnight at a duplex in southeast Houston near Harrisburg Boulevard and South 80th Street. 

Police said a woman, 59, and her neighbor, 54, got into an argument. The altercation escalated and the neighbor stabbed the woman in the chest while in her front yard, officers said.

Family members identified the woman who was stabbed as Angelina Delgado Gailey.

Angelina Gailey's son, Patrick Gailey, said he couldn't believe what happened. 

"I didn't think it was real," Patrick Gailey said. "I guess it escalated to a point where (the neighbor) got extremely angry and he came down and stabbed my mom twice."

According to authorities, Angelina Gailey was transported to a hospital, where she later died.

Angelina Gailey's sister Susan Delgado said: "The doctors said that the wounds were so deep. They tried to do something for her, but they couldn't do anything."

"(I) rushed on down to the hospital, and that’s when the doctor came on down and said she didn't make it," Patrick Gailey said. "If she would have told me I would have stepped in, told the landlord or something, but no one ever told me anything."

Susan Delgado said she lost her best friend and heaven gained an angel.

"I just don't know what we are going to do," Susan Delgado said. "I do know we love her and we are going to do everything for her. I am still in shock I want to break down in tears, but I am still in shock. I am so mad that this man took my sister's life the way he did, so violently. I just can't believe that she is dead."

Officers said Angelina Gailey had alcohol in her system and they believe alcohol may have played a factor in the incident. Alcohol bottles could be seen in an upstairs window of the home, police said.

Angelina Gailey’s niece, Anjanette Delgado said the family had been celebrating her birthday the night before.

“We began to share laughs, you know have a good time, the kids were playing, we were eating,” said Anjanette Delgado. “I will never forget, my 27th birthday … my aunt being stabbed to death. She was like my sister, she was just very close. We shared a lot.”

Anjanette Delgado said her aunt and the neighbor had an ongoing feud, saying the man had drilled holes in the ceiling that he used to watch Angelina Gailey.

Police confirmed they came out to the duplex before the deadly stabbing for a disturbance call.

Anjanette Delgado said the neighbor acted out in front of police, but they did not take him into custody.

“I just wish they would have took him, I really do,” said Anjanette Delgado. “I just wish they would have took him. She would have still been here.”

Anjanette Delgado said the neighbor deserves to suffer the same fate as her aunt.

“You don’t deserve to live, you took an innocent life away you don't deserve to live.”

Patrick Gailey said he will always remember the good times he shared with his loving and caring mother. 

"You couldn't ruin her day. She was a real nice person," Patrick Gailey said.

Susan Delgado echoed his sentiment saying, "She had such a good soul and she will never be forgotten."

As for Anjanette Delgado, she had a message for her late aunt. 

“I love you, and I am sorry that I did not take you with me. I am sorry,” Anjanette Delgado said.

The neighbor was taken into custody. Police have not said what charges he will face.

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