Whataburger, Dr. Pepper have a baby, and what a beauty it is: Meet Dr. Pepper shake


HOUSTON – National shake of Texas?

Texas icons Whataburger and Dr. Pepper had a surprise baby, and what a beauty it is: the Whataburger limited-time Dr. Pepper shake. 

The often-viral and hilarious social media mavens at Texas Humor posted a photo of the Dr. Pepper shake sign at a Whataburger, leaving many to wonder whether it was real. 

Brb y’all, about to get me a tub of this 😍

Posted by Texas Humor on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

It was. Thank you, JenniferGamez9 for asking the question on everyone’s minds. You served all of Texas through your inquiries when Whataburger confirmed the news.

So there you have it.

While Whataburger has not released an official statement about the Dr. Pepper shake – or how long the limited time drink will be around – y’all have been notified -- and warned that it’s not here forever.



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