Dog dies protecting family during birthday party shooting

HOUSTON – Authorities identified a suspect Thursday who is believed to be involved in a weekend drive-by shooting that left three people injured and a dog dead.

The shooting happened Sunday night on Davenwood Court near Scarsdale Boulevard.

The shooting unfolded in front of Laura Martinez's home during a birthday party. The person suspected of pulling the trigger is no stranger to the family.

"This is not something we would ever think was going to happen," Laura Martinez said.

"I’m staring at the whole scene around and it almost feels like a dream," Laura's daughter Valori Pace said.

The family said the suspect, Javian Castaneda, is a friend of their kids, and that they've known him for years.

They said after a recent burglary of their house in which they suspected Castaneda was responsible, they confronted his parents.

Days later, they say Castaneda showed up to their home during the party with a gun and an argument escalated to gunfire.

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