Houston travelers concerned over grounding of Boeing 737 planes


HOUSTON – Passengers landing at Hobby Airport on Wednesday turned on their phones and learned about the grounding of all 737 Max 8 and 9 planes.

Passengers were mixed over President Donald Trump's decision to take them out of the skies.

Southwest Airlines passengers were among those learning about the traveling news.

"I was asleep most of the time. We didn’t really have any problem with it," Rochelle Androwski said.

Trump and the Federal Aviation Administration announced Wednesday all Max 8 and the longer Max 9 planes won’t fly for the time being.

Trump said the decision was made out of an abundance of caution, citing new evidence found at this weekend’s deadly crash site in Ethiopia.

"The safety of the American people and all people is our paramount concern," Trump said.

"I totally agree with them. We should not have these up in the air at all," Kimber Climie said.

A Max 8 arrived to Hobby Airport from Las Vegas on Wednesday. Passengers said the flight was smooth, but some said it wasn’t enough to ease their worries.

"It’s terrifying, you know. They should notify the passengers before. They didn’t. Unfortunately, they didn’t," Fadia Shashan said.

Southwest Airlines issued a statement saying the company will comply, but it remains confident in the safety airworthiness of its entire fleet.

United Airlines said nothing is more important than the safety of its customers and employees and that it will comply.

Some still believe that until Trump pulled the plug, the airlines were putting profits over people.

"I totally disagree. As a passenger, I disagree. I think if it were their family they’d feel otherwise," William Snider said.