MAP: These are the cases Crime Stoppers and KPRC2 have solved


HOUSTON – Do you have video of a crime you hope to get solved? Crime Stoppers of Houston and the KPRC2 Crime Crew are on the case.

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These are cases that the tipster indicated they saw the story on KPRC or on "all" stations:

Have you been a victim of crime? Let us help! 

Here are the steps you need to take to get your video featured on Crime Crew:

  • File a police report with your local police department 
  • Collect your case number and video(s)  
  • Videos that can be submitted include doorbell camera footage, home surveillance footage, etc. 
  • Submit the information to Crime Stoppers of Houston through this link: https://kprc2.co/2SQpDCY

The following information is required to be submit your case to Crime Crew

  • Case number 
  • Zip code of where incident occurred 
  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Type of crime 
  • Short synopsis (2-3 sentences) of what happened
  • Your video