No bodies found during search at old Clear Lake Golf Course, police say

CLEAR LAKE, Texas – After a 24-hour search, homicide investigators with the Houston Police Department said Thursday they didn’t find any bodies buried at the site of the old Clear Lake Golf Course.

Authorities confirmed Thursday morning that they would be looking for bodies that may be buried in the area. Around 10:20 a.m., they said investigators were leaving and that no bodies had been found.

Multiple agencies, including the FBI, packed up their equipment and left at about 10:30 a.m., saying they were not searching any other locations.

Investigators told KPRC2 they could not say who led them to Clear Lake because it could put other lives in danger.   

For most of Wednesday, investigators were in the area. Video from Sky 2 showed three different sections cordoned off by police.

Residents who live in one Clear Lake neighborhood said what they were witnessing was terrifying, confusing and out of place.

"It's very concerning," Cheryl Hall said. "Because this is probably more attention than I've ever seen. I heard the helicopters earlier. I said I wanted to go around and see what was still going on."

Another neighbor called the police presence alarming, especially since the investigation is happening almost directly behind his house.

"Whatever's going on it's right literally behind my street, behind my backyard and that's terrifying," said Nate Evans. "This is a pretty nice area. This is definitely not something commonplace to happen here at all. So, it's incredibly alarming."

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