Two young women carjack, pistol-whip owner, crash into two homes after chase

HOUSTON – Two young women are on the run after a scene that started with a violent carjacking and ended in a crash. 

Deputies said the carjacking-turned-chase started around 1:20 a.m. Thursday in a northwest Harris County neighborhood and ended at Blue Mountain Drive near Kodiak Court.

Authorities said the car owner pulled into her driveway and was approached by two young women wearing hoods. The young women held the car owner at gunpoint and demanded that she turn over the vehicle.

The women then pistol-whipped the car owner, throwing her to the ground, deputies said.

According to authorities, when the women could not start the car, they walked over to the car owner, pointed the gun between her eyes and said that if she didn’t start the car they would kill her.

After the women took off, deputies said they spotted the vehicle and tried to stop it as a routine traffic stop, but the driver refused to stop and gave chase. 

The chase lasted for a few blocks until the driver didn’t see a T intersection and crashed between two houses, breaking the water main and gas line for both homes, deputies said.

Neighbors woke up to utility crews that were out around 5 a.m. Thursday to address the broken lines. According to neighbors, carjackings in the area are not an uncommon occurrence.

"It's been happening often. Every week somebody's car is being stolen," said area resident Cassandra Jone. "They keep stealing people's cars and they take off. I hope that they catch these people that are doing this because it's not right."

Both the women took off on foot. Authorities said a K-9 unit and deputies searched the area but were unable to find the young women.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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