'All my single ladies!' Several ways to celebrate Galentine's Day in Houston

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HOUSTON – Even though it's not an official holiday, Galentine's Day has been celebrated by women for almost a decade.

It's a day to show love to your closest gals the day before Valentine's Day.

Who made the holiday up, you ask? It stemmed from a fictional character named Leslie Knope of "Parks and Recreation." In 2010, the second season of Parks and Rec, Knopes gathers a group of her closest girls for a brunch to show love for one another on an episode called "Galentine's Day."

So if you're single this year for Valentine's Day, no worries! Your ladies can shower you with love the day before "Single Awareness Day" aka Valentine's Day.

Here are several ways to celebrate in the Houston area:

Painting with a Twist "Galentine's White Dresses": The location on Westheimer will be hosting a Galentine's Day paint party on Feb. 13 where you can grab your girlfriends and your favorite bottle of alcohol.

Host a Galentine's Day brunch: Even though the day lands on a weekday this year, who says you can't have brunch for dinner? The perfect foods for the brunch can mimic the foods from "Parks and Rec," such as waffles, frittatas, doughnuts, scones and of course -- mimosas!

Spa day at Paloma: According to a website, Paloma has a nice ambiance and luxurious experience for the ladies where you can even book a private party.

The Dunlavy: With fancy chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows, this little restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, but be sure to check its Facebook page, for some days are different than others.

Decatur Bar & Pop-Up Factory: What better way to grab a few drinks with the girls and vent about boys? It's $25 for one ticket where you and your girls can craft pop-up cards and drink some cocktails.

Chili's: Looking for a place that's simple and easy on your pocket? This chain restaurant made a video last year titled "Chili's Galentine's Day" where "Margaritas would never ghost you." Chili's has been advertising a $5 margarita that has Grand Marnier and Lunazul tequila. Bottoms up -- but safely!

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