'Ball of fire': Homeowner claims someone threw something into home, sparking fire

HOUSTON – Arson investigators are looking into a claim that someone threw something inside a home in northeast Houston, sparking a fire overnight.

The homeowner said he was watching television late Saturday night when he heard a crash through his window and saw a ball of fire.

He said he tried putting it out himself and when he realized that the smoke was too much, he ran out and called firefighters.

He suffered burns to his arm and hands.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to rescue several cats inside the home, but not all made it out alive.

Firefighters said it was a challenge even rescuing the cats because of a packed house. Meanwhile, those animals are all the homeowner has left.

"Various cans, cat food cans. Knee deep in aluminum and cat food cans," one firefighter said. 

The cause is under investigation.