Houston designer made necklace worn by Pelosi at State of Union

HOUSTON – Mariquita Masterson has had famous faces wear her jewelry before, but no piece has ever gone viral like the one worn by Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday.

"It was a surprise, a total surprise," Masterson said.

Mariquita was at a dinner Tuesday night during the State of the Union address when suddenly her phone wouldn't stop buzzing.

"I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I can't look at my phone, I'm at this fancy dinner,'" she said.

When she finally did look at her phone, she learned a piece of her hand-cut glass jewelry was being seen by millions of people.

"I looked down and picked it up ... there was a picture of Nancy Pelosi," Masterson said.

Masterson said the necklace, which retails for $650, was a gift from Pelosi's children. It was purchased in November.

"She has a daughter who lives here. It was a day or two before the elections ... (she) wanted something red and blue for her mother (and) there it was," Masterson said.

Her jewelry has been worn by famous people before.

"Lynn Wyatt gave Elton John some rings. You know he loves rings," Masterson said. "We did a fabulous necklace for Ladybird that was all wildflowers."

Nothing has ever had people clamoring for their own version of Masterson's jewelry as much as Pelosi's piece.

"I guess now it's called the Nancy Pelosi necklace, right?" Masterson said.

Masterson said she will make more necklaces to meet the demand, but since her pieces are unique, Pelosi's necklace will always be one-of-a-kind.

"Never the same. Hers is hers. We're gonna do some red and blue and it will look wonderful, but it's not going to be exactly the same. Can't do that," she said. "The wonderful thing for me is people recognize it and go, 'Oh, you've got a Mariquita on,' so that's very nice."

If you're interested in the Pelosi necklace, Masterson said she's taking orders.

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