Caught on video: Dogs attack, kill family cat in Tomball

TOMBALL, Texas – The frightening moments when Ray Gravenstein said he did all he could to get a pair of dogs off his cat, Boomer, can be heard on his doorbell video.

"Opened up the door and saw Boomer beneath one of the dogs. Both of them were kind of taking turns jumping in and out," Gravenstein said.

According to Gravenstein, the incident happened last week and the dogs, which he said weren't on a leash, belong to a neighbor.

"These dogs have gotten out before. So we have seen them," Gravenstein said.

"They were on a mission, and they wouldn't let go," said Linda Gravenstein, Ray Gravenstein's wife.

By the time it was over, the attack proved to be too much.

The family was about to rush their beloved cat to the vet, but Boomer never made it.

"I knew he was hurting, and I didn't want to hold him. We were going down the driveway and he (Ray) said, 'Don't rush because he stopped breathing,'" Linda Gravenstein said.

The owner of the dogs wouldn't go on camera for an interview but did release a statement reading:

"This was an unfortunate incident. We feel terrible about it. Our condolences go out to the family. Because of the repercussions from social media and others, we're not making any further statements."

"For basically sitting on your property getting a little suntan, you have to be mauled to death like that. It's just not right," Ray Gravenstein said.

Still, the Gravensteins said more needs to be done to the dogs because of what happened that ultimately took the life of their cat.

"They need to be safe and secure where nothing can happen. There are young children that live here. People walk their dogs up and down the street," Linda Gravenstein said.

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