8 of 10 accused, arrested in string of robberies at UH

HOUSTON – Two men and six juveniles have been arrested in connection with a recent string of robberies at the University of Houston.

Isaiah Urdy, 18, and David Augustine, 18, have been charged with aggravated robbery. Authorities are still searching for two juveniles.

Urdy is accused of a robbery at Cullen Oaks on Jan. 7 and Augustine is accused in a robbery at Bayou Oaks on Jan. 15.

After reports of the robberies surfaced, the University of Houston Police Department stepped up patrols around campus parking lots.

Students, faculty and staff members received security alerts about three separate incidents that took place at different parking lots.

On Jan. 15, a student was robbed at gunpoint at the Bayou Oaks campus apartment parking lot, according to police. In the alert, police said two men approached a student sitting in his car, opened the passenger and driver doors, and pointed a long-barrel, semi-automatic-style gun to his head.

The suspects demanded his wallet and phone, and the student took off running. Police said the suspects got into the student’s maroon Pontiac G6 and drove off. The car was later recovered.

On Jan. 12, a University of Houston student was robbed at Lot 4A, which is near Wheeler Avenue, police said. Police said around 8:05 p.m., a student who was leaning in the hatchback of his parked car was approached by five men.

The other incident happened at the Cullen Oaks garage on the top floor on Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. Police said a student was in-line skating and placed his phone and keys on top of his car. Three individuals drove up in a car, and demanded the items. Police said there was a fight between the students and the trio, who ended up stealing the student’s car. Police are looking for a black 2016 Kia with Texas plates KXX0328.

“In many ways, a crime against one is a crime against all, we take it very personally, we take it very seriously and our Police Department is vigorously investigating and we’re convinced they’ll make some progress," Mike Rosen, executive director of media relations for the University of Houston, said.