'The smell is just terrible': Waste pile continues to grow in Fifth Ward neighborhood

HOUSTON – Residents in a Fifth Ward neighborhood said that they have a growing and stinky problem on their street.

“The smell is just terrible,” said property owner Jason Fang. “The biggest problem is that people continue to treat this whole neighborhood like it’s a dumping ground.” 

He and others in the neighborhood said that Emile Street from Buck to Gunter is loaded with litter included mattresses and construction waste and the pile continues to grow.

“It’s a health hazard and we’ve told the city to come out and pick up this trash but they haven’t done so yet and people continue to dump here,” Fang said. 

Christopher Christie said he has tried to get in touch with the city but hasn’t seen any movement on the issue.

“I’ve made a number of complaints,” Christie said. “The biggest concern is that it devalues the property.”

A 311 Houston Service Helpline representative told Channel 2 that a complaint was made on Jan. 13 in the area and another in October. Fang and Christie said that the hope residents will also take some responsibility and not ditch their belongings on the street.

“Its an embarrassment, we take a lot of pride in our neighborhoods,” Christie said. 

KPRC reached out to the city of Houston Solid Waste Management Department for comment but have not yet heard back.

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