'The trucks have been breaking down': Recycling woes continue in Houston

HOUSTON – When it comes to recycling, Jack Stopnicki feels like he’s facing an uphill battle.

He says the city of Houston is a week behind schedule.

“Now I've been told that it's not going to be picked up for two more weeks, which doesn't make any sense. My bin is full. So for now, for the next two weeks, all I'm going to do is take my recyclables and put them in my regular trash,” Stopnicki said.

Stopnicki, who lives in Braeswood Place, just south of Holcombe and west of Buffalo Speedway, said he and his neighbors have no other choice. He called 311 to complain and said that what he was told only added to his frustration.

“The trucks have been breaking down. That's been well documented in other stories I've read online and on the city's website about all the trucks that are breaking down,” Stopnicki said.

A spokesperson with the city’s Solid Waste Management Department confirmed that to KPRC. But that’s only part of the reason why there’s a delay.

“We are competing with the private market regarding our drivers and our maintenance mechanics,” said Irma Reyes, a Public Information Officer.

As a result, the city adjusted the pick-up schedule to Wednesdays and Saturdays until the issues can be resolved.

“It’s a traffic hazard. They are in the streets. We have a school down the street and you can't park next to a garbage can and these garbage cans have been out here for about a week. Now, it's three more weeks they are going to be out here,” Stopnicki said.

The city is encouraging residents to check the city’s website and social media pages for daily updates and to see adjusted schedules.

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