Burglars target Houston dog rescue group

HOUSTON – A Houston-based nonprofit that takes the time to feed and provide medicine for stray dogs and cats in north Houston has been targeted by burglars.

They've safely kept their supplies in a nearby storage facility -- until someone broke in sometime this past Monday.

The thieves got away with medical kits, containers of cat food, over a thousand doses of donated flea preventative and even more.

"They also stole collars, leashes, blankets that we keep in there," volunteer Lisa Giering said.

A volunteer for the group -- Corridor Rescue Inc. -- made the heartbreaking discovery when they noticed an unfamiliar lock on the organization's storage unit.  The crooks left behind some items -- but took enough to place the non-profit in critical need.

"Now we're in need of more supplies so that we can continue every day to get out and feed the dogs and cats and medicate them as needed," Giering said.

Volunteers for the group feed and take care of strays in about 35 locations in north Houston -- each day. The nonprofit now needs a rescue of its own to be able to continue its work.

"Can't really understand why someone would want to come in and steal supplies that are used for dogs and cats in need," Giering said.

The organization is now in need of donations.  If you would like to help you can visit their Facebook page.

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