Attorney for accused Santa Fe High School gunman wants trial moved

SANTA FE, Texas – An attorney for the teen accused of killing several Santa Fe High School classmates wants his client’s trial moved to another county.

Attorney Nicholas Poehl filed a motion for a change of venue on Tuesday.

Poehl’s motion argues his client, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, cannot receive a fair trial in Galveston County due to pretrial publicity.

“The amount of publicity generated by the instant case has been so great that it has produced so much prejudice in the community that the likelihood of the Defendant receiving a fair and impartial trial is doubtful,” the motion reads.

Poehl declined to speak further about his motion, stating he will present more information during an upcoming hearing on the matter.

Galveston County prosecutor Kevin Petroff declined to comment on the motion saying the District Attorney’s Office will respond during a hearing scheduled for Jan. 28.

Pagourtzis is accused of killing Santa Fe High School classmates Jared Black, Shana Fisher, Christian Garcia, Aaron McLeod, Glenda Perkins, Angelique Ramirez, Sabika Sheikh, Christopher Stone, Cynthia Tisdale and Kimberly Vaughan last May.

Pagourtzis is accused of wounding 13 other people, including Santa Fe ISD Police Officer John Barnes.

Court documents read Pagourtzis hid a shotgun and revolver under his trench coat and “did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told.”

Pagourtzis remains in solitary confinement at the Galveston County Jail and is undergoing psychological testing.

No specific motive has been stated for the shootings.

Several victims’ families are suing Pagourtzis' parents, claiming they were negligent in allowing him access to firearms and not seeking mental health counseling.