Only On 2: State Rep. Ron Reynolds released from jail

HOUSTON – State Rep. Ron Reynolds was released from the Montgomery County Jail Friday. 

Reynolds was arrested Sept. 7, 2018 after being convicted on five misdemeanor barratry charges, or "ambulance chasing” in 2015.

VIDEO: State Rep. Ron Reynolds leaves Montgomery County Jail

He was sentenced to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine after his conviction for illegally soliciting clients. However, Reynolds was released after four months due to time earned.

According to prosecutors, Reynolds – who represents parts of Harris and Fort Bend counties – used a middle man as an ambulance chaser to gain clients.

The state representative, who was re-elected while in jail last November, was not required to resign his state office.

KPRC2 reporter Mario Diaz tried to talk with Reynolds as he was leaving Montgomery County Jail, but Reynolds said he had no comment and that he was on the phone with his pastor.

Reynolds will return to Austin next week to begin serving another term.

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