Spencer Solves It: Bill's Brigade provides holiday help for big family

HOUSTON – When Tara Champion’s kids leave the house it looks like school is letting out.

That’s how big this loving, tight-knit, family is and it’s all thanks to Tara, a never-say-quit, bulldog of a person who took it upon herself to adopt six children and raise them as her own.

The children all come from a troubled home.

“I just wanted to love them and make them feel safe and happy. I love them, they are my babies,” Tara said.

Just the idea of raising six kids all alone is enough to frighten anyone, but Tara took it a step further, agreeing to help her sister out and take care of her two children as well.

That’s a total of eight kids.

Tara is currently working as a nurse’s assistant and working three different jobs to make ends meet.

“I’m used to it, I’m a strong person. It’s hard, it’s tiresome, but I have to keep pushing myself because my kids, they depend on me,” Tara says with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Tara tries to put on a brave face and downplay the workload, but it’s clear she is struggling, and when it comes to the subject of Christmas and the thought of not being able to provide her children with a Christmas tree or presents under the tree, that is when Tara breaks down.

“I love them more than anything else in this world and I would give anything just to see them happy,” Tara says.

Realizing the enormity of the financial struggle that Tara is going through, that is when Tara’s boss Kymberly Howard wrote to Spencer Solves It asking for a Christmas rescue.

And now with help from Randy Hartley, one of Bill’s Brigade’s most generous donors, we are about to give Tara a Visa gift card for $1,000, to be spent any way she wants.

“Please accept this gift card Tara and I wish you a very merry Christmas,” Randy says, as Tara’s children all stand there looking amazed.

“Thank You," Tara says simply, as her whole family pulls close together.