Pills found in HPD officer's car during DWI arrest, document says

HOUSTON – Pills were found in a Houston police officer’s car when he was arrested Monday after another driver noticed his vehicle swerving on a freeway, according to an affidavit.

Officer Muzaffar Hassan Siddiqi, 56, was charged with driving while intoxicated.

According to a probable cause document, another driver noticed a white car driving with a flat tire on the Southwest Freeway near Hillcroft Avenue. The driver reported that the car struck a guardrail, backed up, drove erratically on the shoulder, came back on the road and exited at Beechnut Street, according to the document. The car hit the curbs on either side of the feeder road before coming to a stop in the parking lot of a Toyota dealership, where the vehicle caught fire, according to the document.

According to the document, Siddiqi told police he was going to the dealership to get some work done on his personal vehicle and knew that he had hit a curb but did not recall having a flat tire, driving erratically or the car catching fire.

A search of Siddiqi’s car revealed two pill containers with many different types of pills including blood clot medication, allergy medication, heart medication and acid-reflux medication, according to the document. Some of the pills could not be immediately identified, according to the document.

Siddiqi was swaying while standing, had slow speech and slurred his words, according to the document. A blood test showed his blood alcohol content was 0.00, according to the document.

According to the document, officers believed that Siddiqi was under the influence of medication.

"Once the investigation is complete, the truth will come out. I can't talk about the case right now. I've served the community for 21 years and the people of Houston know my character," Sidiqqi said.

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