Solves It: Bill's Brigade brings Christmas cheer to struggling family

HOUSTON – On a chilly morning in Alief, Karmal Green and her two daughters, 5-year-old Braylyn and 7-year-old Caitlyn, are busy making their own Christmas ornaments because they can’t afford to buy real ones at the store.

“It’s depressing, it’s very depressing that you can’t get for your own kids. It’s very depressing 'cause all I want is the best for my babies and it’s hard that I can’t buy for them,” Green said.

It’s not that Green isn’t working hard. Every day, she drives more than an hour each way to get to her job in Kingwood. She works serving nutritious food to the students at Kingwood High School.

Her job is to provide what other kids need, but when it comes to her own children, this year she has struggled mightily.

“I work every day, Monday through Friday in child nutrition and I feed other kids every day. I love kids. They are the most beautiful thing,” Green said with tears in her eyes.

But now, with Christmas just days away, Green has been dreading every trip to the mailbox.

She's unsure just how she will pay all of her bills for rent, food, electricity and water.

“I don’t like to ask people for help and I don’t want people to be looking down on me because I need help,” Green said.

So as little Caitlyn and Braylyn decorate their small tree, Green agonizes over the fact that this year, there won’t be anything underneath that tree.

No toys, no clothes, nothing.

“They are my world, I live and breathe and do everything for these two little girls. They are all I care about,” Green said.

Despite her struggles, Green never asked KPRC2 for help. Her mother wrote to Spencer Solves It with her story.

So now, with help from one of Bill’s Brigade’s biggest and by far most generous members, Randy Hartley, we are going to transform this Christmas into something awesome for Green and her girls.

“Would you please accept this Visa gift card for $1,000, so you can fulfill all your Christmas needs?” Hartley said while handing over a gift card.

“Oh my God. Oh my God,” Karmal cried out in disbelief, “Thank you so much. Oh my God, girls, $1,000,” Green said.

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