Heavy early-morning fog causes fatal accident in north Harris County

HOUSTON – People around Houston were dealing with the heavy fog Tuesday morning.

“It’s almost claustrophobic. That’s a good way of putting it,” Laura Still said. 

Drivers were the ones who most likely had it the worst.

“(I'm) taking my time, being cautious, keeping an eye on everyone else,” Still said.

Already, the fog and low visibility have played in factor in at least one fatal accident in north Harris County. 

According to deputies, the accident happened around 2 a.m. near the North Sam Houston Parkway and TC Jester Boulevard. 

An Infiniti SUV was traveling westbound on the North Sam Houston feeder road when, authorities said, the driver did not see an 18-wheeler stopped at a red light at the TC Jester intersection and slammed into the back of the truck.

The driver of the SUV was taken to a hospital, where he later died. The driver of the 18-wheeler suffered only minor injuries.

Deputies have not yet released the identity of the SUV's driver. The road has since reopened.

Dense fog causes delays

Everyone had to give themselves extra time to get to work or school.

At Galena Park Independent School District’s North Shore Elementary School in East Houston, it was a hazy drop-off for students arriving for class.

People were extra cautious.

“A kid may dart out and you never know what’s going to happen and not just the kids, the cars, people don’t pay attention,” Rita Rodriguez said.

In a busy downtown, people had to report to work in the thick mist.

“I didn’t have to drive downtown. I took the METRO bus downtown,” said Aaron Delarosa.

One man from Michigan, though, was able to simply wait it out in a hotel.

“I waited. I waited for it to clear. I just started, so I didn't get out in it, but it would’ve been bad, I think,” said Tony Lemelin.

The fog is expected to linger Tuesday, so extreme caution is advised.

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