'Spencer Solves It': A father's mission to get a headstone for his late son

HOUSTON – Emmanuel Thomas grabs the tools of his trade, a car wash scrub brush, soap and brute strength and determination.

You see for days, Emmanuel has been on a mission to wash as many cars as possible to raise the money needed to buy his 18-year-old son Blake a headstone.

Blake, a handsome football and basketball player, had just graduated from Nimitz High School when he was gunned down in a Greenspoint parking lot one year ago.

“It’s something that you have to relive every single day. You think about everything he could have been, everything they would have been, everything they were and you just keep reliving it,” Emmanuel Thomas says.

Blake’s killer has never been caught, but even more painful for his family is that Blake has been buried in an unmarked grave for an entire year now.

Despite all of his work washing cars, Emmanuel has not been able to come up with the money to buy a headstone for Blake.

“When they don’t have a headstone, it’s like they are forgotten. Blake was loved by everybody," Emmanuel says.

When we heard about Emmanuel’s pain at KPRC-TV, it broke our hearts.

Blake didn’t have to ask for help, we came to him.

Now, we at "Spencer Solves It" are working with the big-hearted people at Schlitzberger and Daughters Monuments to provide Emmanuel and his family with a beautiful, custom designed and cut headstone to memorialize Blake.

It will take four months to make, but in the end, Blake’s family will finally have a place to grieve and remember and never, ever forget the boy they loved so dearly.

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