Texas has rules when it comes to displaying political signs


HOUSTON – Political advertisements can be a bit exhausting, and luckily, we live in a state that agrees.

Texas law prohibits political signs from going up earlier than 90 days before an election and the signs must be removed within 10 days after the election. That means that by Nov. 16, your signs must be removed from your yard.

That's 100 days every election cycle that Texans have to see the signs in their communities.

The state says property owners' associations "may not enforce or adopt a restrictive covenant that prohibits a property owner from displaying on the owner's property one or more signs advertising a political candidate or ballot item for an election."

The state also has some strict rules when it comes to the signs: The sign must be ground-mounted, and property owners can display only one sign for each candidate or ballot item.

A sign can not threaten public health or safety and the sign can't be displayed if it violates a law, contains "language, graphics, or any display that would be offensive to the ordinary person" or "is accompanied by music or other sounds or by streamers or is otherwise distracting to motorists."

Any way you look at it, according to the state, all political signs must come down by next Friday.