Dashcam video shows armored truck guard being ambushed by robbers at bank near West U

HOUSTON – Houston police are looking for two men who robbed an armored Brinks truck driver at a Wells Fargo in Braeswood Place.

Dashcam video from a car in the parking lot shows the heist, which only took about 20 seconds.

Just before it happened, a man who requested to remain anonymous in this story walked up to the ATM outside to deposit $1,000.

"It was scary, to be honest with you," he said.

Dashcam video shows the armored Brinks truck park in front of the bank. A female Brinks guard walks up to the bank door holding a bag when she is rushed by two armed robbers.

"The first guy, he asked the lady to get down," the man said.

The second robber pointed his gun at the male guard, who put his hands up. The robbers then forced the bag out of the guard's hands, and took off running.

"I just hope these people get caught and get to prison," he said. "And get the right punishment and get what they deserve."