Thieves stealing vases from Rosenberg cemetery

ROSENBERG, Texas – A place meant for comfort and peace is instead leaving some feeling uneasy as of late.

That includes Bobby Zwahr, who has several relatives buried at the Davis Greenlawn cemetery in Rosenberg.

"Somebody needs to sit up and take notice," said Zwahr, whose uncle's cemetery vase is missing.

Zwahr said his uncle's vase was stolen from his graveside some time ago.

But it was a recent visit to the cemetery for someone else's funeral that he took note of just how many other vases had gone missing.

"My wife and I started walking this way and as were walking toward my mom and dad's grave we noticed more have disappeared since the last time we were out there," Zwahr said.

And the cost to replace one of those vases, including his own uncle's, is more than $500.

It's reason enough for him to want them to do something about it.

"I think the thefts are happening at night. I've asked for them to gate the entrance ... put a chain or something up back across the gates. We talked to some of the people here associated with the cemetery this; as far as I know, nothing is happening," Zwahr said.

As for the people Zwahr believes are responsible for stealing, he wants them to reconsider targeting something so sacred -- or better yet -- be caught, before it happens again.

"You know, it's hallowed ground. It's a cemetery and you got to be pretty low life to be stealing vases off of graves," Zwahr said.

KPRC reached out to the cemetery for a statement about the story, but so far they have not commented.

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