Small plane forced to land in Pinehurst after losing power, officials say

PINEHURST, Texas – A small plane had made an emergency landing near Magnolia early Friday in Pinehurst, officials said.

The plane departed from Hooks Airport and had been in the air for two hours when it started to lose power, officials said. The student pilot onboard described her experience.

"My biggest thought was: Remain calm. The instructor knows exactly what he's doing and how to land the plane. So, I did just that. I remained calm. I didn't speak out of turn. I wanted him to call into (the) tower, make sure all the right avenues were followed, and then he did everything he could to make sure we landed safely and I really appreciate that," the student pilot said. 

Both student and instructor were OK, officials said. The student told KPRC that the experience did not scare her and she plans to go flying again soon.