Houston Newsmakers for Oct. 14: Advocate against abuse by priests, free medical care & more

Local man devotes life to helping the abused

HOUSTON – Michael Norris says he was 10 years old when was sexually abused by his Catholic priest. It took 15 years for him to tell anyone.

“He was an extension of God,” Norris said of his priest. “That’s what I was taught and so I was scared to death walking out of that room after I had been abused. I didn't think my parents would believe me.”

Norris told his parents 25 years after the abuse and now has been telling everyone who may have also been abused how to get the help that he delayed in getting for himself. The compelling story of one man, abused by a priest who saw his abuser go to prison.

The lessons he says all of us can learn is one topic on this week’s Houston Newsmakers AND a Newsmakers Extra on the details of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Ronald McDonald House Charities offer free medical care

What an amazing opportunity! Free dental and medical care to children in certain Houston communities.

“From the outside, you may look at it and think 'oh it looks like an RV that you might see at any campground,'" said Tanya Gee, executive director of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston and Galveston.

“But when you open the doors you will find that the medical clinic actually looks like a state of the art urgent care facility in your neighborhood.”  

Gee talks about how far the program has come and how communities can request their services. Butch Alsandor is chair of the 2018 Red Shoe Golf Classic, a tournament being held to benefit the RMHC.

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Discovery Green

Former Mayor Bill White reached out to the leaders of several foundations in Houston to ask that they come up with a plan for an urban park. The amazing result took just three years.

“To have to one (plan), ... they traveled the country looking at best practices all over to see how do we create a model that really is sustainable,” said Barry Mandel, Discovery Green president and park director. “And that will serve as a model for other parks, not only in Houston but actually all over the country.

The first ten years have been amazing. What’s next is just one of the topics on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

More information:

•    Michael Norris, Chair, SNAP,  Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
•     www.smapnetwork.org 
•     Phone: 713-855-9178
•     Email: SNAPmdnorris@hotmail.com

•    Tanya Gee, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston
•     www.rmhcghg.org 
•     Phone: 713-800-6679 
•     Twitter: @RMHChou

•    Butch Alsandor, Chairman 2018 Red Shoe Golf Classic
•     https://www.rmhcghg.org/event/red-shoe-classic-2018 
•     Phone: 713-800-6679
•     Twitter: @RMHChou

•    Barry Mandel, President and Park Director, Discovery Green
•     www.discoverygreen.com 
•     Phone: 713-400-7336
•     Twitter: @DiscoveryGreen

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