Gun range customer seen on video pointing gun at self, friend while taking selfie

HOUSTON – Lesson number one when shooting at a gun range: Never, ever point a weapon at your friend's head -- or anyone's head for that matter.

Surveillance video from the Top Gun Range on Beverly Hill Street near Richmond and Fountain View, near The Galleria, shows a customer doing just that last Friday.

"Very scary situation," recalls the range's general manager Kyle Harrison.

The man in the video -- in an effort to take a selfie -- starts off by breaking one of the cardinal rules of gun range safety. He's pointing his pistol toward the lane next to him -- rather than downrange. The lane next to him is filled with several people who were taking a safety class.

WATCH: Gun range surveillance video of man pointing gun at self, friend

Then -- for a second selfie -- he decides to point the gun at his friend's head.

"It would've been a very bad situation," Harrison said. "Not just for obviously us and the other patrons on the range, but that guy and his family."

But the range safety officer who was teaching that class in the next lane quickly steps in, forces the man to put down the weapon, and escorts both men from the range.

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