Girl hit by school bus in Mission Bend

MISSION BEND, Texas – The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a day care bus hit a 7-year-old girl near Mission Glen Elementary.

It happened after school Wednesday, just inside the school zone, where surveillance cameras from nearby homes showed the bus hit and drag the second-grader, Savannah, about 30 feet.

"I'm so grateful my child survived this incident," Savannah's mother, Tiara, said. "Looking at the footage of the accident one would assume it was fatal but God has the last decision and that was to live."

The family is also upset that, according to their account of what police told them, the driver of the "KIDS R KIDS" bus said she wasn't in a school zone and wasn't speeding.

Home surveillance cameras show the accident happened just inside the school zone and during school zone hours. The video appears to show that the bus does not slow down as it enters the school zone.

"KIDS R KIDS of Richmond prides itself on the safety and security of all children," the company said in a statement. "We hold the well-being of all children as our primary concern."

"We are keeping the child in our prayers while we continue our internal investigation," the statement concluded.

A company spokesperson said the bus driver is on leave during the investigation.

Among the dozen or so bystanders who rushed to help Savannah after the accident was Luula Jaylani, a student nurse at the University of Houston who lives next door.

"I was inside praying and I just heard the impact and I heard screaming," Jaylani said. "I just did what I was taught to do in school; I stabilized her neck, and then I kept pressure on the bleeding and I just listened to her heart."

The first person to run to Savannah's side was her older brother, Travis, who is 11.

"The bus driver was speeding," he said. "She was going way too fast."

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