Houston Newsmakers for Oct. 7: Harris County GOP Election Day plans, cancer campaign and more

County GOP Chair Lays Out Priorities

HOUSTON – Paul Simpson, chair of the Harris County Republican Party, said on this week’s "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall" that even with a few closer than normal races, the party is in good shape going into Election Day on Nov. 6, mostly because of President Donald Trump. 

“A lot of folks have seen that the Trump administration has delivered in so many ways,” Simpson said. “The tax cut, the economy, the issues that matter to folks border security as well as nominating a lot of judges and other officials that helped turn the country around.”

Real Men Wear Pink Campaign for American Cancer Society

The goal is to raise $250,000 for the American Cancer Society. The Real Men Wear Pink Campaign has signed up 59 men to raise at least $2,500 each during October. ACS South Region Executive Director Dan D’Armond and Leisa Holland-Nelson, the co-chair of the Houston Campaign are guests this week and said research dollars have been making a fantastic impact. 

“From 1989 to 2015 the mortality rate in breast cancer has decreased 39 percent,” D’Armond said. “That’s 350,000 lives or so that we’ve saved but it is ongoing we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

Hydroponic urban farm gets 450,000 boosts from McNair Foundation

Former NFL star Roynell Young founded Pro-Vision in 1990 to provide mentorship and guidance to impoverished young men in Houston. It evolved into the first all-male charter school for boys and now is a co-ed program that includes job training and a working urban farm that provides produce to the Sunnyside community and Houston restaurants. Young said the urban farm is unique and will now undergo a major expansion thanks to a $450,000 grant from the Janice and Bob McNair Foundation.

“We started out being able to produce about 14, 700 plants,” he said. When we’re all finished with the build out, we will be producing 38,000 plants and harvesting those every six weeks.”

More information:
•    Paul Simpson, chair, Harris County GOP 
•     HarrisCountyGOP.com 
•     Phone: 713-838-7900
•     Twitter: @HarrisCountyRP

•    Dan D’Armond, executive director, American Cancer Society, South Region
•     Cancer.org 
•     Phone: 713-706-5690 
•     Twitter: @AmericanCancer

•    Leisa Holland-Nelson, Partner, Vice President/CMO @ASTOUNDZ
•     astoundz.com 
•     Phone: 713-904-5001
•     Email: Helpme@astoundz.com
•     Twitter: @Astoundzteam

•    Roynell Young, founder/CEO Pro-Vision Charter School/Urban Farm
•     www.provision-inc.org
•     Phone: 713-748-0030
•     Email: Info@provision-inc.org
•     Twitter: @ProvisionSchool

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