Pushing for answers: HPD plans to question nephew of missing siblings in Los Angeles

HPD Chief Art Acevedo speaks about missing siblings case.
HPD Chief Art Acevedo speaks about missing siblings case. (KPRC 2/Click2Houston.com)

HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department is pushing for answers on the whereabouts of a missing pair of siblings. 

It's been several weeks since Roy and Dina Escobar disappeared in Houston.

The person of interest in the case, their nephew, is in jail in California for a separate investigation.
On Monday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the case is progressing and he hopes to have some answers soon.

As Ramon Escobar faces charges for a string of attacks with a baseball bat, which left three homeless men dead and five others injured in the Los Angeles area -- here in Houston, the police are also interested in investigating Ramon Escobar.

“We know we've got people who are probably his victims here in Houston. Working very closely with our partners in (the) Los Angeles Police Department,” Acevedo said.

Houston police want to question Ramon Escobar in the case of his two missing Houston relatives, Roy Escobar and Dina Escobar. Investigators said Ramon Escobar was living with his uncle Roy when Roy vanished on Aug. 26. Two days later, Dina disappeared after she came to the house to check on her brother.

“We're progressing to get enough evidence to decide whether he's committed a crime here or not but (the) homicide (unit) is pursuing this very aggressively,” Acevedo said.

Ramon Escobar was questioned by Houston police shortly after his aunt and uncle vanished but, at the time, Acevedo said there was not enough evidence to arrest him.

The only thing that has been found since then is Dina's burned-out van, which was located on Galveston Beach.

Ramon Escobar was arrested and charged with the murder of victims in Los Angeles, and the Houston Police Department is looking to question him there.

"We're very confident we're (going to) be able to close out the case in the near future,” Acevedo said.
Anyone who has information on this case is asked to call the Houston Police Department.