Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz campaign sign targeted by vandals in Houston area

HOUSTON – If there’s any sign the race for Texas Senate is heating up, it’s the political drama unfolding on curbs in neighborhoods across Houston. 

Over the weekend in different neighborhoods, both political signs for Sen. Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke were either stolen or vandalized from people’s front yards. 

“I didn’t expect people to steal signs in this neighborhood,” said John Nguyen, who lives in the Frostwood Neighborhood. 

Nguyen said he was drinking his coffee Sunday morning when his neighbors, Michael and Rachel De La Mora, knocked on his front door. 

“They asked me, ‘Hey, is your sign gone?’ and I kind of looked out and was like, it is!” explained Nguyen. 

He looked at his surveillance video and saw someone in a black SUV pull up to the front of his home around 11:22 p.m. Saturday and steal his Beto sign. 

“Our signs have been up for at least two months, it’s not been touched before, this is the first time,” said Nguyen. “I’m sure it’s just a prank, It looked like it was a younger guy.” 

“Personally I feel like they must be intimidated  thinking Beto might win,” said Rachel De La Mora who noticed her sign was gone too Sunday morning.” “I think it’s sad that our country right now is really divided, I think people are really passionate about what direction we should be in, but I also think we need to be more united and have conversations where people are supportive and respectful.” 

But the sign drama is getting an equal share. Saturday night someone spray painted Ted Cruz signs in the Briargrove neighborhood. 

“Maybe they weren't raised to know that you don’t harm other people’s property,” said Loyd Wright. 

Wright, who happens to be running for re-election as Harris County Probate Judge, said he was walking his dog when he noticed his Ted Cruz sign had a black X marked through it in spray paint. He said his own personal election sign, was untouched. 

“Whatever actions you think you’re taking to help one side or the other, your invigorating the other side,” said Wright. 

His neighbor’s sign was also vandalized. 

“I don’t like it, I think it’s offensive,” said Frederick and Penny, “I think it’s cowardly, personally I can’t imagine someone would feel so threatened that they would have to do something like that, it’s just a totally childish act.”

What everyone could agree on is that people need to voice their opinions in a better way. 

“Go out and vote, go to the polls, if you don’t’ like what happens, change it,” said Frederick. 

"You know I think everyone should be respectful of each other’s political opinions and vandalizing people’s properties and taking it it's something we shouldn't do,” said Nguyen. 

“Instead of stealing a sign, go and vote whoever you want to vote for,” said Michael De La Mora.