Boy uses Siri to save life of grandmother having stroke

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A 7-year-old boy is being credited with helping save his grandmother's life by using Siri.

Noble Koontz was with his grandmother, Evon Pruitt, on a business trip on Sept. 17 when Pruitt suffered a stroke.

Koontz realized something wasn't right with his grandmother because she was unable to use her right arm, was struggling to speak and was sweating.

Pruitt couldn't remember the passcode on her phone, so Koontz used Siri to call his grandfather. When his grandfather didn't answer, the boy used Siri to call 911 for help.

An ambulance arrived and took Pruitt to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands, where she received treatment.

Pruitt now refers to her grandson as her superhero. While she was being treated at the hospital, staff members surprised Koontz with superhero guests and a superhero award. He was also given a cape and superhero accessories.

Noble Koontz is presented with a superhero award after he helped save his grandmother during a stroke.