Texans fans still proudly support team despite another loss


HOUSTON – Texans fans said they are still proudly supporting their team despite another loss.

What started at optimism began to fade as the clock wore on.

“Starting off, I thought we would do great, but it went downhill from there," said Texans fan Jessica Gunn.

The Texans lost to the Giants 22-27. Fans said that the loss at home was crushing. The Texans record is now 0-3. 

“Coaching needs to be worked on, maybe not a new coach, but we’ve got to do something different,” said Texans fan Lee Stewart.

Despite the loss, some fans like Cameron Gay said there was still plenty of good out on the field.

“(Quarterback) DeShaun (Watson) made some good moves out there, and (defensive end) JJ Watt was incredible as always," Gay said. “Everyone was upset, but not so upset we (aren't) still proud of them.”

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