SWEET! Crowd signs birthday song to deaf Milby HS student during football game


HOUSTON – A Milby High School student, who is deaf, was all smiles after classmates, along with the audience, signed the birthday song to her during a football game.

The school's coach, Donielle Ryals-Gonzalez, said she taught the entire audience how to sign the song so they could join classmates in signing to one of her ASL cheerleaders.

"This was a proud coach moment!! Look at how she looks at me at the end," Ryals-Gonzalez wrote on a Facebook post.

Valkeith Winters posted the moment on Facebook, thanking Ryals-Gonzalez for teaching the audience how to sign that night and making the student feel special.

"This is what Milby HS in Houston, Tx. looks like. One for all and all for one. One of out ASL students had a birthday tonight and the entire audience learned sign language to sign to her. What an Amazing night!!! Thank you Doniella Ryals-Gonzalez for teaching us how to sign that night," Winter's post read on Facebook.

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