Carjacking suspect arrested after high-speed chase that ends in crash

HOUSTON – A man was arrested Friday after stealing a car at gunpoint and leading officers on a high-speed chase through southeast Houston, police said.

According to the South Houston Police Department, officers received a call from a GPS company, which informed them of a stolen car in the area. Officers located the car and the driver sped away, police said.

The chase ended when the car crashed into a white Cadillac and then smashed into a black minivan at the intersection of Dixie Farm and Galveston roads.

“I didn't see them coming,” said Jerome Rivers, the minivan driver. “I heard the sirens and, when I looked up, I saw him hit the other car and come straight at me.”

The driver was arrested after being dragged out of the car by authorities. 

Police said two guns were found in the car.

Investigators said it appears the driver robbed the owner of the car in the Micro Center parking lot before stealing the car.

The woman in the Cadillac said she was shaken up and sore. She went to the hospital for an evaluation.

Rivers said he was not injured.

VIDEO: Sky 2 follows police chase through SE Houston

“I just finished contacting my GPS company and letting them know my car vehicle was stolen last night. They said they got in contact with the Police Department,” said Jhuty Ra El-Bey, who called the company Friday morning. 

El-Bey is a videographer for Fluke TV. He was getting his computer fixed at Micro Center Computers and Electronics in the 5300 block of Rice Avenue on Thursday night when he bumped into an old friend. 

The pair were talking in the parking lot next to their cars when someone approached them. 

“We were still talking and I noticed out the peripheral vision to the far right-hand side there was an individual coming this way. I assumed it was somebody homeless asking for money,” said Ra El-Bey. “We were on our last goodbyes and he (the suspect) just comes out and said, ‘Hey, hey, come up with everything.'”

Ra El-Bey said the suspect ran into his friend’s car, but once he realized the keys were not inside, he went back to his.

“It’s literally T-minus one minute before we’re about to leave and the dude comes out from outside the shadow,” said Delbert Simpers, Ra El-Bey’s friend. “Just by how his face looked, I knew he was on them hard drugs. You know what I’m saying? He looked sweaty. He pivoted real quick. That’s when I knew, ‘Oh, this dude is no good.'”

The two said that, after the suspect got out of Simpers' cars, because the car was not on, he then approached Ra El-Bey again for his keys.

“My keys were actually on me, but I had a push-to-start vehicle, so my car was already on at the time, so he was able to enter it and run off,” said Ra El-Bey.

He had more than $10,000 worth of equipment inside his car, including a camera, laptops and other equipment he uses for work. It wasn't until Friday morning that Ra El-Bey would learn where his car was.

“I was actually flabbergasted. I was really surprised and shocked when you called and told me it was in a high-speed chase,” he said. “I get a message from you, saying, ‘Hey, we’re following up on a police report, a crash,’ I was, like, 'What are you talking about?”

Ra El-Bey had not heard from police and learned from KPRC Channel 2 News about the fate of his car.

“He was, like, ‘It’s on the news.’ I didn't believe him,” said Simpers.

It’s unclear if the electronics were still in the car or if they were damaged, but Ra El-Bey spent the day trying to contact his insurance company. He said he’s in a tough spot because, not only does he not have a car now, but all of the equipment he uses to make a living could either be damaged or stolen.

In the end, Ra El-Bey said he’s glad no one was seriously hurt in the crash.

“That is actually great. I owe that up to the creator and he looks for all of us especially individuals who are striving towards positivity. I have my special crystals and jewels, to keep high energy and vibrations,” said Ra El-Bey. “I’m actually just glad that I’m alive right now. I looked back on it. At first, I was extremely upset, because everything I utilize to make money was in that car, but then me and my friend starting talking and realize:  We’re alive. We didn't get hurt. We’re not in the hospital. So everything is really great, actually.”




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