16 vehicles vandalized overnight at west Houston senior apartment complex

HOUSTON – Many West Oaks Village residents spent their day fixing broken car windows after two men went on an overnight vandalism spree.

The west Houston apartment complex's security officer told KPRC that 16 cars were broken into early Thursday morning.

“I came down here and sure enough, my windows were broken,” Cedric Bastian said.

Bastian's neighbor, Carolyn Justice, woke up to the same problem.

“They broke the passenger window on the right-hand side. They ransacked my car. Just threw stuff out and everything,” said Justice.

Witnesses said two men in their early 20s were responsible. Houston police said nothing was reported stolen from the cars.

“I feel violated because it has my insurance papers in there. They got my name and address,” Justice said.

Neighbors said it isn't the first time they've woken up to their cars being vandalized.

In June, five cars were broken into.

Neighbors want to see more done by management.

“Nothing has been done, nothing but (they say) sorry. We are tired of hearing sorry,” Bastian said.